Speed indicator

funny speed indicator

Is it a kinda alternatives?


Life is costly

funny picture - die to pay

Life is costly  indeed!

Only for naughty boys!

funny adult pictures

Looks Delicious!

Free Air Guitar

funny picture

Probably it’s kinda hot free stuff for the people out there ..Only two left!..or ..

What’s that?

funny adult pictures

Just an answer to the wondering little brain

Been Laid?

funny adult picture

Get laid!

Caught Red Handed!

Banta sits down at the bar, orders a drink and holds his head in his hands.

When the bartender comes back, Banta is swearing softly under his breath and shaking his head.

“Hey Banta, what’s happening?” asks the bartender.

“I’m in DEEP SHIT,” Banta replies. “I just got caught screwing my neighbour.”

“Oh wow!” says the barman, “Who caught you? Your wife or her husband?”

“No,” said Banta, “HIS wife!”