Funny animation – elephant sex

funny animation - elephant sex

POOR GUY !!! I wonder who might be that unfortunate guy


12 Responses to “Funny animation – elephant sex”

  1. tillz123 Says:


  2. miami Says:

    wut da fuck were u thinkin when u let dat fat ass bitch get on top of ur dick r u out ya fuckin mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tulw Says:

    oh thats sweet
    she have nice ass .. but i wes asking if the guy stil in a live

  4. lollllly Says:

    awwwww this reminds me of my ex…juss fukin kiddin guyss

  5. celebsip Says:

    check this one out!

  6. Mastablubba Says:

    Hello Guys

    just found this awesome prat Shaking vid on youtube…

    check it out!

    May you can share something similar.

    happy watching

  7. saza Says:

    thats gotta be some hell of a low life lmfao!!

  8. hollyandkelly Says:


  9. nlk3 Says:

    Masturbating now…

  10. Sofa Slipcover Says:

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  11. nlk3 Says:

    Never been into really big girls, but maybe some guys like to feel all that flesh covering their body… As long as they don’t suffocate, which is possible.

  12. carina Says:

    men nowdaya jus dont give a damn who or wht fk smh:(-

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